De-shake your camera footage

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This is unbelievable… and free.

The footage on the bottom right is the original.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the top right is created from that via a filter…

The footage on the top right is filtered using DeShaker, a filter for VirtualDub, both are free. (And there are heaps of import format plugins for VirtualDub, and you may need to install a “full” codec pack depending on the video format of your camera) Don’t install the 64bit version of anything, because DeShaker is only 32bit and won’t work otherwise.

MPV and 64 bit…

If only DeShaker had a 64 bit version I wouldn’t have had to work this out… but the final workflow is not much longer, fortunately.

To sum up my problem, my camera’s MPV videos would only correctly open in the 64 bit version of VirtualDub (with the right plugins installed).  The 32 bit version wouldn’t work. Here’s what I came up with.

Download this MP4 converter, to convert the video to AVI (which will natively load into VirtualDub) the trial version apparently only converts 1 minute, but my file I just converted was 1 minute 30 seconds… anyway… you can find your own converter if you want, but this one converted my video in seconds.  Very fast. I’ll pay for it later if I have to.

Load the converted video into VirtualDub 32 bit.

Now, I had a persistent problem (even with the 64 bit version) that VirtualDub wouldn’t play my video when I pressed “play”. It would just pop up a dialogue saying it was missing a sound codec.  Trust me I tried a lot of solutions online to get the sound codec working, before I realised that I don’t NEED to play the video to DeShake it. Everything else still works, and I could scrub the playhead to see how the DeShake was going (after pass 1 in the tutorial).  And it doesn’t need to play the audio because the original audio stays intact with the Audio option (in the top menu) left at the default setting of “Direct Stream Copy”.

So I followed the DeShake quick tutorial on their web page.  After pass 1 I scrubbed the video (instead of being able to play it) and determined the “rolling shutter” option was causing things to warp strangely, so I re-did it without this checked, and it was fine – obviously my camera doesn’t need it. Then I exported a DeShaked video complete with audio, even though I couldn’t play with audio from within VirtualDub.

This is no good for you if you want to edit within VirtualDub and you need to hear the audio to get things right.  But I’m editing in Adobe Premiere, and am using this to simply “de-shake” my videos before importing them.  (To this end, I’m exporting them uncompressed from VirtualDub, which results in a 3 gig file for 1:30 mins… heheh.)


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